Locke Lake Colony Association
Center Barnstead, NH

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This is where Locke Lake Colony residents can find Colony news and information as well as helpful resources. 

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Locke Lake Colony Assoc. Amenities Map 

Office Hours:
Monday- Friday 8 AM - 4 PM
Saturday 9 AM - 1 PM during summer months
The office will close for a half hour for lunch
between the hour of 
11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Locke Lake Colony Association
43 Colony Drive
Center Barnstead, NH 03225
Telephone:  (603) 776-4400
Fax:  (603) 776-4402

Office Staff: 
Jillian Runnals - Office Manager 
E-mail: jrunnals@lockelakecolony.com
Rachael Flanagan - Office Clerk 

E-mail: Rachael@lockelakecolony.com

Maintenance Hours

Mon. - Fri. 7:00 am - 3:30 pm
Michael Benoit - Maintenance Supervisor 
Cell: 603-545-7063
Email: mbenoit@lockelakecolony.com


Building Moratorium in Locke Lake Colony Association
as of September 19, 2017 Per Town of Barnstead, effective immediately, no new building permits will be issued in Locke Lake Colony Association until such time as the Pennichuck water shortage can be resolved.


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Current Conditions
As of: 10:51 am
Temp: 77° F
Humidity: 38%
Winds: 12 mph
Rochester - Skyhaven Airport (KDAW)


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